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Biz4Kids Summer Business Contest 2005  

Welcome to the Biz4Kids Summer Business Contest 2005 Winner's Page.

Quinn took a traditional business and made it a reality. Buying snacks and selling at a price higher than your cost is a very real business. Quinn, we wish you good luck as your business grows!

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Quinn's Chips and Treats

Name: Quinn

Age: 8

Type of business: selling snacks

The Plan

Why did you decide on this type of business? I believe that selling snacks will make a lot of money and so far I have made a lot of money.

How you will market your business? I will use word of mouth and signs.

What goals you have for this business/yourself? My goal is to help the homeless with some of my proceeds.

The Result

Summary of the Business: I believe that selling snacks will make a lot of money and so far I have made a lot of money.

Your goals: My goals for selling these snacks was to be able to help other people. I wanted to be able to give food to the homeless people that I see on the street and to also give money to surrounding hospitals. I did not make as much money as I would have liked. As I continue to sell my treats I will work harder at telling people that I have treats to sell. I will have to remember to take my snacks with me everywhere and use a cooler to keep the candy from melting. I will also add frozen pops to my snack list.

What else did you learn? In starting my own business I learned that I must have my snacks with me or my big chance to sell them may disappear. I learned that you can also make more money by having people work for you and with you.

The Future

Will you stay in business now since summer is almost over? I will continue my business now that summer is almost over. My prices are reaonable ($.60)and people still love to eat chips and candy.

* What a marvelous blessing to see an 8 year old actually thinking critically about a business plan. Since I teach marketing, I recognize that he has the functions of marketing covered very well and knows how to deliver his product. I want to keep an eye on this young one to see how he will expand his enterprise.

* My husband and I had a vending business and it was very successful in a short period of time, so I know that Quinn will be successful with this business for many years to come, because people will always love snacks ....... a business that's guaranteed to succeed!!!

* The name of the business is catchy and it fills a need people have for handy snacks. I am really impressed that he is so ambitious at such a young age! Best of all, he wants to share his earnings with those less fortunate!

* ...his honesty is refreshing (wanting to make money) but he balances that with a willingness to share his profits with others lacking resources (the homeless). He has learned some valuable practical lessons (a cooler to keep the candy from melting), has recognized how he can extend the business in a way that compliments the original idea and meets a need (adding water) and will be able to look at many situations with a more critical eye. And....he's only 8 years old!

* I was in awe today as I read Quinn's well detailed answers about his business. This 8 year old amazed me with his eloquent answers about his decision to start his business, his goals for the business and his marketing strategy.I liked the fact that this young entrepreneur learned so much about business and seizing opportunities to expand and sell his product. It's good to know that there are still children out there that want to make this world a better place and that are taking an active role in doing so.

* We usually say that "It takes a village to raise a child". Well here is a child who is trying to raise a village (the community) by finding solution to the problems we face in our community and streets. These days, most Kids spend most of their time in playing games or watching TV and here is Quinn, an eight years old kid, who spends his time trying to help those in need by opening his own business. Not only it is ambitious but it is also inspiring to his peers and adult.

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