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Biz4Kids Summer Business Contest 2005  

Welcome to the Biz4Kids Summer Business Contest 2005 Winner's Page.

Jordan saw a need for a bilingual theater for children. So she created one! To make her dream a reality she had to include others. She "sold" her idea to local businesses and community leaders raising close to $3,000 in the process. You can learn more about The Children's Bilingual Theater on the website.

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The Children's Bilingual Theater

Name: Jordan

Age: 12

Type of business: youth performance

Watch Jordan on Internet TV as she is interviewed by Biz4Kids founder Christian Erickson - The program is "Recognizing a Need"

The Plan

Why did you decide on this type of business? I have been involved in theater since 2nd grade and found that theater helps grow team skills & confidence & public speaking skills in anyone, especially kids.

How you will market your business? Marketing begins with making others around believe in my idea.

1. Raising funds for production, that means selling the idea with good planning, design and organization.
2. Getting cast and crew, means playing up the entertainment & fun & opportunity to make friends part of theatre.
3. Getting an audience, means selling tickets to friends, family, church, school & community with personal visits & calls, flyers, & posters.

What goals you have for this business/yourself?

1.To reach the kids that are learning Spanish & giving them a place to practice & use the language.
2.To reach out to English as a Second language students & give them a place to get involved in theater.
3. To create a bridge between the Spanish, Bilingual & English speaking community.
4. To reach school kids to promote literacy & bilingualism.
5. For myself, to continue participating in theater & improving my theatre skills & language skills.

The Result

Summary of the Business: After being involved in theatre since 2nd grade & starting to learn Spanish I noticed that I had not done or seen theatrical productions in Spanish or Bilingual plays. I realized that kids learning Spanish did not have a fun place to use their new language. At school I noticed that ESOL students were limited in participating in plays and shows. I knew that theatre would give other kids the opportunity to gain confidence & have fun at the same time. I decided that bilingual plays would offer those opportunities. After writing many letters & visiting local businesses I raised $3000.00, which covered the expenses like royalties, directors fees, costumes, sets & publicity. The actual performances were free & open to school & community audiences but with donations I was able to pay a small amount to the actors. I had a total of 17 actors that participated ages 2nd grade to college age. My original dollar goal was arrived at by planning a budget & I was able to meet that amount.

Your goals: I was able to reach my goal with the help of friends, family and community businesses. First I shared my idea with our County Commission Chair and he mentored my idea. He wrote letters supporting my idea and I met with business owners for sponsorships. I also contacted my mom's friends at work and my family and neighbors. Also I contacted my newspaper and got publicity with an article about my idea. That helped me to approach community leaders for support.

What else did you learn? I learned that if you have an idea and believe in it you should have the courage and share it, ask for help and do the work needed to succeed. I also learned more Spanish.

The Future

Will you stay in business now since summer is almost over? Will you stay in business now since summer is almost over? Yes my business has gotten very good publicity and the shows were attended by many people. I plan to continue by working to stage a show in the spring of 2006. Visit Jordan's website at

* Jordan's work certainly gets my vote. The amount of work done through the power of collaboration and the bringing together of people through her theater work is truly inspiring.

* I believe it's exceptional for a 12-year-old little girl to take the initiative to create a theatre venue for both Spanish and English speaking children to explore theatre. Thank you!

* I think that this is an excellent program and should definitely be implemented everywhere, as this provides a deeper knowledge to our youth of other cultures.

* I would like to vote for Jordan she has excellent ideas and she has the drive to put all this to work progresso nina jordan - adelante jordan , my vote is for this project it is great


* I vote for The Children's Bilingual Theater. It is very creative and appropriate for this day and age.

* I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Jordan and The Children's Bilingual Theatre as the director of El Canto del Roble/Song of the Oak. The production toured schools in Cobb County Marietta, and exposed to the community the value of bilingualism. Her idea to start a children's bilingual theatre started out as a dream and now is becoming a reality. Her dedication and focus on bilingualism has increased the importance of speaking Spanish to hundreds of citizens in Marietta, GA. The Children's Bilingual Theatre teaches the community to embrace diversity and work together, and understanding one another. America needs more positive role models like Jordan, who has instilled in Cobb County, Georgia, a stronger sense of acceptance and value for cultural difference.

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