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Business people use a lot of "business tools" to make their business more successful. Some of these tools include pencils, paper clips and even computers and phones. You can find the recommended Biz4Kids BizTools on this page. If there is a business tool that you used for your business and do not see it here, please let us know!

Biz4Kids Memo Pad
$2.49 Pack of 4

Keep a record of your notes, goals, and anything else in this handy Biz4Kids memo pad.
Biz4Kids Shirt-Pin
$2.49 Each

Wear this shirt-pin everywhere you go so people see that you are a Biz4Kids Student!
Biz4Kids Pencils
$2.99 Pack of 6

These pencils are great to have when you are conducting a survey or writing your goals. Use these pencils in the classroom to make conversation. It's always fun to talk about your business!
Biz4Kids Replacement Case
$7.99 Each

This handy plastic case comes with the same folding handles and inside clip as the original.
$7.49 Pack of 100

Order your own Biz4Kids Business Cards.
Biz4Kids Accounting / Money Envelopes
$1.99 Pack of 2

Perfect place to store and record your Money In and your Money Out!
$1.29 Each

Hardwood Clipboard
$1.49 Each

Perfect for conducting surveys or keeping your papers together.
Plastic Clipboard
$4.49 Each

Make your clipboard snazzier with a colored, plastic clipboard.
Color paper
$4.99 100 sheets

100 sheets of 10 assorted colors. Perfect for printing marketing fliers!

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