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The Biz4Kids Story  

"You are thinking out-side the box. That's great because our kids don't have the tools for this mind-set. They need Biz4Kids to learn how to think that way!" Jackie Y. Arab, AL @ Georgia Homeschool Show

"At a recent conference I discovered a most amazing product...Biz4Kids...and I highly recommend it." Larry Shiller, Creator of Shiller Math

"My daughters and I were excited to receive the Biz4Kids Baby-Sitting Kits we ordered...(we) look forward to develop the kind of character that grows from running a business" Lisa Whechel a.k.a Blair from "The Facts of Life" TV show

"This is one of the most unique sets we reviewed at conferences this year!" James McDonald, Homeschooling Today

"What a neat idea!" Carol B. Cedar Park, TX @ Austin Homeschool Show

"How did this get started and who's behind it?"- I'll answer

My name is Christian Erickson...

...and I hear those statements and questions often. You see, I was a teen business owner – or so I thought. I mowed yards, I collected checks but I was just doing lawn jobs. Some would say I was self-employed. When I mowed yards that’s about all I did. I did not have a business plan, I did not market, I did not keep financial records, I did not have a real business. But I thought I had a real business. After I graduated from high school the yards were “passed on” to others and I went to college.

I earned a BA from James Madison University, worked and traveled overseas for a year and then found a job selling copiers and fax machines. After a few years of sales, I realized that I needed to develop stronger business acumen – I needed an MBA.

During my MBA program I started thinking to myself, “I could have learned so much about business when I was mowing yards. The basics are not really that difficult.”

What was out there to teach kids about business? I searched. I did my due diligence. I could not find anything that I thought would have taught me the business skills I needed. So I set out to create Biz4Kids. What I found in the marketplace was too much TEXT – “find something you like, make fliers and do it.”

Biz4Kids started as a book about business with a few exercises. I thought I could teach kids about business practices, business terms, how money works, etc. BUT as I wrote more and reflected more on my life, I realized that learning business as a young person develops the foundation for so much more.

The foundation for Biz4Kids was being built: "Teach a young person entrepreneurship and you teach the lessons of life." Teaching business skills such as planning, marketing, accounting, and customer service would be one part of Biz4Kids. The other part of Biz4Kids would involve developing life skills such as setting goals, managing money, and gaining responsibility.

I graduated still thinking this would just be book, a little something to share with young people. The thought of this becoming a business was still distant. A little after graduating from the MBA program, I joined the international marketing agency Euro RSCG and continued perfecting Biz4Kids.

During this time the “book” morphed into the Biz4Kids Business Start-Up Kit and the thought of this becoming a business started to materialize. I wanted the Kit to be perfect. Unlike the other youth business resources in the marketplace, Biz4Kids would have to be deeper and more interactive while remaining easy and fun. I wanted a kid to have EVERYTHING to start and run their own business and I did not want to cut corners.

The plastic cases I found through a good friend in China. The trays that hold the Biz4Kids BizTools were custom made in Illinois. Every item had to meet a high standard while also keeping the Biz4Kids Kit affordable.

The Biz4Kids Business Start-Up Kit LAWN CARE was released in 2004. My first customers were friends and family; however, it did not take long before a few orders came through from people I did not know – and that was exciting! Later that year BABY-SITTING was released. Soon I was receiving emails asking for Kits on pet sitting, auto detailing and many other businesses. So I created the NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESSES Kit. This Kit would be for the kid who has zero ideas or a hundred ideas – it’s a general business kit, businesses you can do in your neighborhood.

In spring 2005 I quit my job at the marketing agency to focus on Biz4Kids.

This gave me the time to go to my customers. Over the summer my wife (a professional educator) and I traveled to homeschool shows promoting Biz4Kids and conducting workshops. The feedback was great! We listened to our customers and made a few changes. We are developing a Jr. Edition for the even younger entrepreneur. Our Biz4Kids Business Bulletin is expanding. The FREE quarterly newsletter is sent to registered users and has articles, games, profiles, and much more. The future is exciting.

Here are few articles to help you understand Biz4Kids and my story!

* Click here for a Wall Street Journal Article quoting me about Biz4Kids.
* Click here for a Wall Street Journal Article quoting me about my previous start-up experience.
* Click here for a Baylor Article all about me and Biz4Kids.
* Click here for the Biz4Kids Blog.

Please contact us. Let us know how we are doing and how we can help you!


Christian Erickson

A picture of me at the Biz4Kids Booth


My wife assembling Biz4Kids Kits

My talented wife created Biz4Kids "Gift Kits" for Auto-Detailing, Pet-Sitting and more. Interested? contact us

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