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The Biz4Kids Story:
CLICK HERE to read the Biz4Kids Story. Learn how it started and the people behind it.

Mission for Biz4Kids Parents & Mentors: Biz4Kids is dedicated to "Education through Entrepreneurship." Learning business skills such as marketing, accounting, and customer service through entrepreneurship can help our young people learn life skills such as setting goals, managing money, and gaining responsibility.

Biz4Kids provides education through entrepreneurship. Kids who start and run their own business at an early age, gain valuable life skills that will contribute to their well-being, their family's well-being and their community overall. Biz4Kids products are just one small part in that goal! Enjoy the web site. Learn and share.

Biz4Kids was started from a simple idea: if you teach a young person entrepreneurship, you teach the lessons of life. Entrepreneurship teaches many of the skills needed for a successful life. Those who dream of owning a business and being their own boss need to develop the skills needed to achieve their dreams early in life. The research shows that today's youth want to own and manage their very own business.

Let's teach today's youth the skills needed for responsibility, independence and service. Let's teach them entrepreneurship! has separate areas for kids and parents - each with its own age-appropriate content and tone. Together, we seek to make all Biz4Kids content:
  • Understandable - We translate the complex information of entrepreneurship into easy-to-understand language for kids and parents.
  • Reliable - The many original articles on the site all undergo rigorous review by business professionals and entrepreneurs nationwide.
  • Practical - Biz4Kids articles combine clear, explanatory information about business and life skills with practical advice about how our members can apply this information to their life and business everyday.
  • Objective - Our focus is on helping today's youth create and run businesses that will teach them skills to last a lifetime and parental / mentor involvement that will enhance the experience.
In a Gallup / Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation poll, 86% of students surveyed rated themselves very poor to fair on their knowledge of entrepreneurship and business, 85% indicated it was important to receive entrepreneurship education and 79% said they wanted to know more…AND…they'd be willing to take more classes to get the information!

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