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The Biz4Kids Story:
CLICK HERE to read the Biz4Kids Story. Learn how it started and the people behind it.

Mission for Biz4Kids Kids: Biz4Kids wants to help you start and run your very own company! We will provide you with material to get started and through our web site keep you updated on new business ideas, message boards to communicate with others like you, and offer discounts on products for your business.

Owning a business is fun!
  • Earn your own spending money Starting your own business and making a profit will help you buy those things that you want now or those things that you want in the future. Having money lets you decide how you will spend, save or donate it.
  • Make money without having a "job" Many stores wonít or canít hire someone that is too young. So if you want to make money, then starting your own company is a great solution!
  • Challenge yourself Being a business owner is not easy. We know that so we created this web site and the Biz4Kids Business Start-Up Kits to make it easier. Challenging yourself to do something difficult is very rewarding.
  • Make others proud When you tell people that you started your very OWN business they will be very proud. Then tell them that you ACTUALLY make your own spending money and they will be very impressed.

    Visit a few of our friends...

    You might want to check out our good friends for more Educational Toys - Including Leap Frog and Baby BumbleBee Educational Toys and DVDs. Free shipping provided with every purchase at Little Smarties Educational Toy Store. Educational Toys for the Little Smarties in your life.

    This site is a neat site for teens and college students doing business. Surf the site, watch some of the free videos and then let us know what you think!

    TrueNYC is a website and local television show geared towards New York City entrepreneurs. Each week, TrueNYC interviews and video tapes a different entrepreneur who gives advice and guidance on how to start a successful business.

    Small Business Television Network (SBTV)is the most comprehensive source for small business news and information. SBTV focuses on the needs of the over 25 million small businesses in the United States. is free on-line television offering a wide range of choices in a streaming video format, including a daily newscast on the issues that affect small business the most.
    SBTV is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for free viewing-on-demand. To learn more about SBTV, visit today!

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